Making Businesses Digital, One at a time!

OrloPay is a platform built for making businesses go digital. It helps small businesses to use the power of software to manage and grow their business.

What is OrloPay?

OrloPay is new age platform which enables small & micro businesses to go digital, so that they can use the power of software platforms to increase their efficiency and profitability. We empower them with tools and services tailored to their needs. We not only build software solutions, we also teach them on how to use it. We identify customer’s day to day problems in their business management, then design software according to that.

User Friendly Design

Our software is easy yet powerful to use. People love our interface designs. Its stunningly fast and user friendly.

Mobile App Based

India has most smart phones in the world. That’s why we make our software Mobile App friendly.

Customer Mobile Apps

We also build apps for end customers, so that they can easily interact with the business owners.

Billing & Customer Management

We build software to handle their billing and customer databases. All of it at just a click on their mobile phone.

Advanced Reporting

Our customers can check every aspect of their businesses on the go. Anywhere and anytime on their mobile phone.

Payment Gateways Integrated

Accepting online payments round the clock are now easy with our innovative online payment solutions.

Highly Secured Cloud Servers

Our software is cloud based and is protected under industry standard secured environments.

Automated Data Backups

Our databases and servers are backed up automatically which makes your data worry free.

Telephonic Support

Whenever you face any problem with our software, our technical support team is just a phone call away.


Orlo Events

Orlo is a managed service that in which we place mobile tablets on round tables at Weddings. That tablet is used to place order for the food which converts your party Buffet into In-dining Restaurant experience. The guest no more stands in buffet queue.


Orlo Now

Orlo Now is a platform built for Newspaper suppliers where they could generate billing for their customers so that they don’t have to visit every customer to collect payments. It also gives them an opportunity to setup their e-commerce venture without having any technical know how.


Orlo Prachar

Orlo Prachar is an innovative platform to enable small to medium sized business to expand their reach to customers. We have built one of its kind mobile platform where you can even track who responded to their sms campaign. It is loaded with features.


Orlo CRM

Orlo CRM is a tool for people who want to manage their sales operations on their mobile phones. It has lots of features which makes it unique and first to market. We have built this CRM keeping small Indian businesses in mind.

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Our Mission

We are working towards a world where every micro and small business runs their businesses using technology. We want them to be able to manage their businesses efficiently and grow them as well. Most of the companies in the world are working for medium to bigger enterprises whereas they don’t care about micro and small businesses. Our aim is to work with smaller businesses and empower them with powerful set of tools built by us which can help them grow their business by leaps and bounds.

  • We identify industries that are not technology enabled
  • Build software according to their requirements
  • Guide them through the learning curve of technology

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